Projects: Emerging from dialogues, creating new dialogues

The genesis of these participatory art projects can be traced back to a performance art piece Yazawa presented in 2000 at a group show, What color is your story?  In this work, exhibition visitors were invited to a “drawing corner” in the exhibition space, and choose a sheet of A4-sized colored paper from a selection of 10 colors. Yazawa would then create a drawing inspired by that individual and the color they chose in a space of 20 minutes. Rather than handing the drawings to the visitors immediately, these drawings were displayed in the exhibition space as part of the show, transforming the visitors from spectators into active participants in the artistic process and co-creators of the exhibition. Over a period of five days, 250 visitors participated in this experimental piece. When participants saw the abstract drawings they had inspired, they would feel a connection to the work and share their hopes and dreams, some even sharing their personal stories.
This participatory work had an unexpectedly large and transformational impact on Yazawa and his practice, giving him a palpable sense of the possibility of creating a new kind of relationship between the artist and audience. This experience gave rise to his idea of “art that emerges from dialogue, art that creates new dialogue,” subsequently spurring him to launch two new projects, Vision Art and EGAKU.
Over the 20 years from 2001 to 2021, what kind of dialogues and art did these two art projects produce? The artworks that emerged through these projects – what kind of dialogues did they in turn generate? This is what we would like you to imagine as you explore the artworks. Every single work is a repository of countless dialogues.
Today it appears that these art projects have evolved into something that goes far beyond the scope of one artist’s practice. They have transformed Yazawa, as an artist and as a person, pushing him to explore new styles of artistic expression, but they have also had a wider social impact, catalyzing a new cycle of creation in these changing times.
As we stand at the crossroads of the future of humanity, what can art offer us in this moment? What role can it play in society? These art projects are an invitation from Yazawa to each of us to join him in creating answers to these questions, and if we accept, to join him in the grand enterprise of creating the future together.



谷澤は自ら企画した参加型アートイベントに、意図していた以上の衝撃を受け、アーティストとオーディエンスとの新しい関係性を創り出すことへの手応えを感じることとなる。そしてこの体験から「アートとは対話から生まれ、対話を創るものだ」という言葉を生み出し、それ以降の谷澤は、自ら創り出したこの言葉によって突き動かされるように、「Vision Art」と「EGAKU」という2つのプロジェクトを開始する。