Art at the center of the Earth

Why do we paint?  I wanted to know the answer.  That's why I started painting.
The more I paint, the more I feel the unknown possibilities within me expanding.
What is art?  This question drove me to pursue art.  I wanted to know the meaning of art, its purpose in our lives
and in the world.

"Art at the center of the Earth" - this phrase sums up what art means to me, and my art practice.   "E" in "Earth"
represents the 3 elements and spheres of art: Entertainment, Education, Environment.  Art connects these elements
to Harmony, Happy, Honesty, Hope, Humor - words that describe a state of well-being (E-> art-> H).  It's the idea
that art doesn't exist in a vacuum, separate from our lives but art connects.  For me art is more than about giving
shape to my ongoing internal dialogues and dialogue with the world as art works, as objects.  The idea of art as
something more pervasive, closer to our being has informed my entire art practice.  To me it's all the same.  It's all
part of my art.

Over the years, through my practice I've taken my ideas about art as connection one step further.  I've realized that
art not only connects, art "is."  Art is Entertainment, Education, Environment.  Art is Harmony, Happy, Honesty, Hope,
Humor (E = art = H).  I believe that art is intimately, dynamically connected with our lives and the world.

Today the world is faced with many challenges of increasing complexity.  We live uncertain times.  What will the
future bring?  Will things get better or worse?  Both possibilities lie before us.  I believe that art matters and that art
can make a difference.  I believe that art as Harmony, Happy, Honesty, Hope and Humor has the power to create
the future.